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    Welcome to the Seventh Grade
    Online Health Course!

    During the course of the school semester, you and your classmates will be involved in several technology projects related to topics covered in class.  This online course will help guide you through the steps of creating and completing your technology projects.

  • Topic 1

    Self-Esteem Times

     Using the template filled out for homework, complete the Self-Esteem Times template below.  Use your knowledge of MS Publisher tools to create an attractive and informative newsletter.

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    Topic 2

    Depression Poster

    Using what you have learned about depression, complete the depression poster template using the link below.  Use graphics, color schemes, and creative layouts to design a unique and informative poster.

  • Topic 4


     Alcoholism is a disease.  A person who has alcoholism must have alcohol to be mentally and physically okay.  A person is an alcoholic if drinking interferes with his or her family, school, or social life.  Of all the people who try alcohol, one out of every ten will become an alcoholic. Read the information from the link below. 

    The second link provides several scenarios about teens and alcohol.  Read the directions and scenarios to complete the project.