Recreating Cavendish

Project is due in class on Tuesday January 9th, 2018. Each group will have 5 minutes to present. All the presentation materials should be prepared well in advance. If you have a PowerPoint that is too big for email, you should be prepared to use a Flash Drive. Don't leave things for the last minute!

I am looking forward to the best recreation of Cavendish's experiment.

Project is a group project and is worth 6.67x10^1 points (out of 60 points, so 6.7 points will be extra credit). Just so you know, in order to receive the extra credit, you really have to something extra with your project. For this project that could be done by deriving the formulas the right way. Or by having something extra in your presentation.

This is a take-home project to complete and in-class project to present. You may choose 2 other partners for this project. Your group should be of 3 people.

There are 4 components to this project:

1. Quality of construction. (25 points)

2. Percent error in calculating G. (10 points)

3. Presentation. (15 points)

4. Deriving the  formulas. (16.7 points)

You should bring the setup in class and demonstrate it in front of the class. You may bring the setup the day before.

Good luck and have fun!

Click link to open resource.